A Gift from the Heart

Timeless Pillows allows you to add your personal touch!
Select your pillow. Choose an original greeting card. Craft your special message and tuck it into the pocket to create a meaningful surprise for your friend of loved one.

Thinking of you, sending love, get well soon, thank you, I am grateful for you…

Opening my package of pink paper and ribbon revealed 'Quiet Comfort', a beautifully understated pillow made with vintage fabrics with exquisite attention to detail. It did what it promised.

Gwendoline Yeo, Actress

Quiet Comfort
Your workmanship is beautiful, the material calling out to be touched and the texture of the pillow is like ``whipped ocean.`` Again, thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness.

Marci S.

Terri, your pillows are gorgeous! I just sat down with a cup of coffee, removed it from the bag and examined every corner of it. The fabrics, stitchery, colors, detail and description are absolutely priceless. Needless to say, I will be ordering some of these from you as gifts and I can hardly wait to get organized enough to do it. You are the ultimate perfectionist and the pillows are proof of some of the most beautiful work I’ve seen.

Judy Sitton