The purpose is to give a Gift from the Heart.

Timeless Pillows are handmade pillows lovingly designed from selected fabrics that include vintage, linens, cotton, and plush fabrics. Pillow accents may include shabby flowers, buttons, as well as satin and French ribbons. High-quality pillow fill provides for ultra-soft pillows that are elegant and beautiful.

Most pillows are designed with a pocket made to hold a special greeting card offered at  Timeless Pillows (see Greeting Cards}.  Select the card you would like to accompany the pillow you choose.

Terri, owner and designer, first came up with the concept of Timeless Pillows when looking at a box full of older linens that were her mother’s.  After she passed away, Terri decided to use the linens to make pillows for her nieces as a keepsake gift from their grandmother’s linens. As she made a couple, she thought about the idea of having a private message/inspirational quote tucked inside the pillow in a pocket on the back.

The next inspiration came from her experience in 2008 with a diagnosis that affects 1 in 8 women every year, the diagnosis of breast cancer. A dear friend gave Terri the gift of a teddy bear that she took with her to radiation treatments as something to hold onto and be comforted by. She discovered that it is often recommended to take a soft plush item with you when you are in radiation treatments or at the infusion center as an object that adds a sense of softness/caring in a very sterile and difficult environment.

Terri has since designed pillows that are not only beautiful as gifts for many occasions, but has designed the PINK COLLECTION, especially suitable for expressing care to someone experiencing breast cancer treatment, surgery or post surgical care.  This collection is dedicated to the care and prevention of breast cancer, and to the women warriors in its midst.

Take a look at all the collections on this website.  Read the blogs here. Call Terri to get more information and to place your order.  You can also ask her to design a custom item for a special gift you wish to give.

Having gone through my own personal experience with cancer, I learned the importance of feeling supported by your family and friends. When your life turns upside down, knowing you’re not alone makes a huge difference. Being able to give the care pillow to a close friend with cancer was truly a blessing. After she read the note card tucked in the pillow pocket signed by so many close friends, she said, “This means so much to me. I will take this with me on my journey. I’ll be reminded of all of the love and support.” I know that this is a gift she will forever cherish.

Ann Finney

“Terri, thank you thank you for the most thoughtful and beautiful pillow you so generously donated for Aggie’s benefit for her breast cancer fundraiser. To say she was overwhelmed is an understatement. She has used her pillow after her mastectomy to give her relief of pressure and to make her more comfortable. Not to say, the pillow itself is a work of art and quite a talking piece. The pillows are so beautiful and meaningful. Cannot thank you enough for getting it here in time for the benefit. The work is a work of heart. Blessings to you and a sincere “Thank you!``

Renee Rongen, International Inspirational/Humorist Speaker

Author, Fundamentally Female
Attached are a couple of pictures of the pillows you made for my Mom. They are absolutely beautiful and my mother is thrilled! It was a pleasure working with you, I was so grateful for how easy you made this. The samples helped guide me to the best decision. Thank you so much!