Our Pillows

A Timeless Pillow is a gift from the heart.

Give the gift of a Timeless Pillow to a friend or loved one for any special occasion. Whether for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, sympathy, or a “get well” wish, a Timeless Pillow is designed to bring comfort and joy in the spirit of friendship and care. Each collection has unique pillow designs and our greeting card selection provides choices to accompany any of the pillows.

Timeless Pillows are each handmade and designed from vintage, linen and chic fabrics. We use satin and French ribbon and natural pillow fills for ultra-soft pillows that are elegant and beautiful. Each pillow designed to hold a greeting card or special note that you wish to include.

In the Pink Collection, the pocket in the pillow can also hold a small ice pack to use for comfort after surgery or treatment. Our pillows are like a loving hug.

Purchase a Timeless Pillow for your own home and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness for many years.