Pillow Gift for Breast Cancer Survivor is the Perfect Gift

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TimelessPillows.com supports non-profit organizations( ACS- Relay for Life. and The Celebration, Chico, CA) that assist women with breast cancer. The purpose is to bring joy, comfort and assistance Timeless Pillows oct_2013_v2-16to women who are surviving breast cancer.  The American Cancer Society (www.cancer.org) suggests several ideas for being a friend to someone with cancer.  Because many patients are recuperating at home between medical treatments, the home environment should be as peaceful, organized, and comforting as possible. Patients who feel emotional support from family and friends can experience an increase in healing.  The power of friendship and love cannot be overestimated.  What are some practical suggestions that will help family and Timeless Pillows oct_2013_v2-15friends support and nurture loved ones with cancer?

1.  Stay in touch through cards, notes, and short, planned visits. If you say you are going to visit, make sure to follow through with those promises.

2.  Help with home tasks that drain energy from the patient.  This can include doing errands, providing meals or organizing neighbors and friends for regular meal support, taking care of gardening or bringing over supplies for pets.

3. Provide gifts that are useful, lovely, and nurturing. This can include a favorite DVD or music CD, special toiletries that are perfume-free, poems, and organic and healthy snacks in a basket. If you choose a music CD, select music that is healing and relaxing. Daniel Kobialka’s versions of classical pieces are excellent examples.

4. Provide soft fabrics for the patient’s bed or sofa area.  This can include a soft throw, special pillow, and warm, soft socks. A Timeless Pillow is unique in that it has 2 different fabrics so each side is like having a new pillow.

5. Talk with other friends and family members to coordinate efforts over time.  It’s best to visit when you know that the patient has the energy for company.

6. TimelessPillows.com offers lovely pillows for comfort and caring that can be given to either a male or female patient.  For a patient recuperating from breast cancer surgery, a Timeless Pillow is especially appropriate and helpful.  A pillow gift will last for many years.  An ice pack can also be inserted into the pillow for comfort after surgery.

Love is medicine.  Help bring healing to those you love through heartfelt efforts.  The immune system can be strengthened  through the positive energy expressed through friendship and caring.

We recommend reading Bernie S. Siegel’s book, Love, Medicine and Miracles, for a tremendous guide to helping others find “a life of peace, love, and healing.”  Bernie’s desire is to make everyone aware of his or her healing potential.

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